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Explanation of Flash Movie "Adhaan"    日本語ページへ

The parts surrounded by red circles and the background are buttons.
1. Open sound selecting list.
2. Stop or Play movie.
3. Change movie rotation order. Normal, Reverse, or Random can be selected.
4. Repeat or Non-repeat sound.
5. Start or Stop sound.
6. Hide or Show sound information, which appears during sound is played.
・ Background     Open Japanese help page.

The original pictures of this movie are ceramic tile arts on the wall of
Masjed-e Jame (Friday Mosque) in Esfahan, Iran.
(World Heritage, Photgrphed by Shi)
Conspicuous damages are recovered with graphics editing software.
The symbols on the center are designed Arabic letters.
Each meaning is as below.


The played-back sounds are Adhan, the Islamic call of prayer.
Although Adhan is often misunderstood as a chant of the Qur’an,
it is not a part of the Qur’an.
The playback times of the chants are very different from each other,
but their words are almost the same.
(See Wikipedia Adhan to know the words.)

The sound sources are on a download page, http://www.audioquraan.com/adhan.asp.
Most of the sounds are direct-linked to AudioQuraan.com.
But those that are not in mp3 format, or have conspicuous noise, are converted.

Some of the sound information of Flash movie "Adhaan" are shortened or modified,
because of limited space, or to be read more easily.
The titles begin with Al- are the name of the mosques, and added city names.
The titles not begin with Al- are seem to be the names of the chanting persons.

Al-Azhar CairoMasjid Al-Aqsa - 1
Al-Khalifa SharjahAdhaan from Masjid al Khalifa - Sharjah - UAE
Al-Haram MeccaMasjid al haram
Al-Aqsa JerusalemMasjid Al-Aqsa - 2
Hussain RajabHussain Rajab
Yusuf IslamYusuf Islam
Hafiz Mustafa OzcanHafiz Mustafa Özcan - Turkey
Adhaan from TurkeyAdhaan from Turkey
Adhaan from BosniaAdhaan from Bosnia

The biggest difference between Flash movie "Adhaan" and AudioQuraan.com is
the name of “Al-Azhar Cairo” in Flash movie "Adhaan",
which is named as “Masjid Al-Aqsa – 1” in AudioQuraan.com.
The reason is that the same sound is on http://www.islamweb.cz/audio/adhan/,
and it notates the same sound as “Adhán z mešity Al-Azhar v Káhiře - Egypt”.
It is impossible to judge which is right, so “Al-Azhar Cairo” is adopted,
because this is convenient to distinguish from “Masjid Al-Aqsa – 2”.

All of them are wonderful, although a few have some cough or noise.
The most recommended one is “Al-Azhar Cairo (Masjid Al-Aqsa – 1)”.
Selecting Random and Repeat would be also fine.

・Relative Article
沈黙の音を聴け (“Listen to the Sound of Silence”, Japanese) It also mentions of Adhan.

・Used Software
Raster image editing GIMP 2.6.3
Animation creating Sqirlz Morph 2.0
Flash creating ParaFla 1.37 (Japanese version only)
Vector image editing ParaDraw 0.3a4 (Japanese version only)
Sound file converting iTunes, dBpoweramp Music Converter

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